Technical Services

Our virtual network of professionals provide business services, such as administrative, accounting, legal, research, and other services, as needed. The services will be specific to the need of the business.

  • Project Management – We utilize a combination of business processes and software to automate and streamline project management though the life cycle of a project.
  • Business Networking– We provide forums for business owners to network and build alliances between businesses and business organizations, as well as government agencies.
  • Program Development – We create, implement, and manage programs that meet our client’s needs.
  • Marketing – We specialize in developing marketing ideas, analysis, plans and products to promote businesses.
  • Minority and Small Business Advocacy – We represent business interests at general assembly, government workshops, minority business development agency functions, and other associations tasked with assisting small, women and minority owned businesses.
  • Data Preparation Gathering, verifying, entering and manipulating data into various forms for analyzing and processing.
  • Data Mining – We analyze data, categorize and summarize the identifiable relationships.
  • Database Management Customized database creation and maintenance.
  • Research Specializing in local, state and federal government market research.
  • Data Integration Combining data from different locations into one database

Carol Reese

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