Outreach Marketing

RSI provides a unique business service which is focused on cultivating new and existing relationships that will enable businesses to successfully develop new partnerships, be exposed to more opportunities, and acquire new clients.

Our Client Outreach Marketing services will represent various businesses when they cannot make the event.

The service includes, but not limited to:

  • Seminars, Webinars and Conferences– We offer turn-key seminar and conference organization and execution services.  We also represent our clients at various events, such as pre-bid meetings, government sponsored events, industry specific seminars, etc.
  • Networking with organizations, associations and businesses, that are relevant to client’s  business
  • Representation of your business at conferences, and other networking events
  • Develops and delivers presentations for vendors, customers and businesses
  • Develops and implements strategic marketing business development plans to accommodate your business goals
  • Reviews market analysis to determine customer needs, price schedules, and make recommendations
  • Establish, maintain and grow social media market

Carol Reese

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