Capture Management

Our Capture Manager identifies the resources needed to pursue a business opportunity; oversees bid strategies, pricing, teaming, and proposal strategies; and manages the transition from business opportunity to proposal development to award.

  • Qualify the opportunity. Assess the new business opportunity and make an appropriate decision to invest in the pursuit.
  • Build the capture plan and resource the capture team. Develop a realistic, achievable plan that can be accomplished within the time available and against which capture progress can be measured.
  • Understand the customer’s objectives and requirements. Take the time to fully understand the customer’s scope of work and the objectives to be achieved.
  • Develop a preliminary solution linked to objectives. Create a solution to perform the work that achieves the customer’s objectives.<
  • Position with the customer. Preview your solution with the client to shape the procurement strategy and the client’s thinking.
  • Assess the competition. Build a thorough, competitive assessment on which to base your win strategy and price to win.
  • Develop a win strategy. Identify your company’s strengths and competitors’ weaknesses so you can mitigate your weaknesses, neutralize their strengths and accentuate your positive discriminators.
  • Establish a price to win. Establish a target price based on your competitive strategy and expected competitor pricing.
  • Plan and execute a teaming strategy. Identify where teammates can bolster your position and select the best teaming partners and negotiate teaming agreements.
  • Assess risk. Identify, analyze and mitigate contract performance risk as perceived by the customer.

Carol Reese

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