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Despite the countless attempts by local, state and federal governments to increase procurement opportunities for small, women-and minority owned (SWaM) businesses, research shows that there been little progress in their ability to secure contracts. We are committed to bridging that gap – one business at a time.

ReeSources, Inc. (RSI), a Richmond, Virginia based consulting firm, has served as a resource for small, women, veteran and minority owned businesses that need support in the areas of strategic thinking, alliance building, and organizational development for nearly two decades. Combined, we have over 30 years of experience working with, for and supporting small businesses.

RSI, like many consulting firms across the country, is searching for ways to do more with less while not allowing customer service to suffer as a result. In fact, current trend is to help clients become self supporting members of the community versus thinking the job is complete once the client has received financial support.

As specialists in the small business marketplace, RSI understand the challenges that business owners face managing information as well as internal and external communication practices.

We believe we can address these challenges with a variety of business practices and software tools that will significantly lower operating costs, improve customer service, increase employee morale, provide business owners with information management tools, assist in meeting state and federal requirements, lower error rates, and improve the environment.

Our Story

Our mission is to actively promote the growth and competitiveness of emerging, small and minority business enterprises.
Advocate for small, women and minority businesses to be valued and treated fairly
Increase the amount of bid opportunities and business alliances
Create sustainable business values and build capacity
Collaborate to increase wealth in minority business communities
Provide a platform training and education to increase access capital and technology

  • We will coordinate and leverage public and private-sector resources to help facilitate strategic alliances in support of this mission
  • We will work to increase the number of medium and large minority businesses by growing small and emerging businesses.
  • We offer services to help ensure that new, small, emerging and minority business ventures are positioned for success.
  • We will establish mentor/protégée relationships and help to match small businesses with contracting and subcontracting opportunities.

We will guarantee EXCELLENCE in fulfilling the assignment completely, in a timely manner.  Additionally, we will:

  • Provide confidential, reliable, trustworthy expertise and information.
  • Maintain a web presence that is easily accessible and user friendly.
  • Provide a seasoned advisory team
  • Consistently develop productive and proactive processes to maintain growth and success with each client

Let’s create your company’s growth strategy together!

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow.

Carol Reese


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Small Business Support Services

We find that networking events, outreach sessions, proposal meeting, conferences or other events may be out of reach for some businesses.

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